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Phun Physics is a physics demonstration show available for presentation to local schools within a 60 mile driving radius of Charlottesville. The demonstrations introduce several basic physics topics in a fun and exciting manner. The show is approximately 45 minutes long and can be varied for presentation to grades 3-12. Faculty, staff, and/or students from UVa will put on a dazzling and interesting show that may include tricks with liquid nitrogen, pencil shoot through plywood using a CO2 fire extinguisher, vacuum tricks including the famous marshmallow man, your favorite (or unfavorite) person lying on a bed of nails, Van de Graaff generator, superball tricks, laser light show, and several others. The purpose of the show is to excite students' interest in science. Explanations of the phenomena observed will be given to avoid the magic aura of science.

Due to demonstration size limitations, there is an attendance limit for each show. The cost of each show depends on the number of shows presented in a visit. For further information and for information on scheduling a show, please see the Scheduling Info page.

Sponsored by the Physics Department and the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education -- University of Virginia